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NEW at WebNameSource!
1. What to do if your domain expires and you can't contact us.
2. As we are now an eNom ETP, you get the same great services at a lower price.

Why do I need a domain name?
  • You don't want as a web address.
  • Domain names like jsmith.com are more easily remembered than long "free" site URLs.
  • Search engines sometimes don't index free sites so no one can find your domain.
  • Frame forwarded domains may not be indexable by search engines.
  • Paid sites usually require you to have your own domain name.
What are my responsiblities and rights
  • Buying a domain name does not get you hosting or email. Buy those separately, say at
  • You have to supply valid contact information for your domain. This will be checked.
  • Educational Information is at ICANN
  • We have our own page detailing rights and responsibilities here
What does it cost per year to have a domain name?
  • Others charge between US$20 and $40, and may require you to register domains for two years.
  • Some registrars charge additional "registration fees".
  • Some name stores give you discounts only if you register domains for multiple years.
WebNameSource discounts domains as low as US$13.50/y. You may (but needn't) register for multiple years, and there are no "extra" registration fees. (some domains 2yr minimum)

$US prices subject to change without notice

NOTE: To register .ca names you must have a Canadian presence. To register .us names requires a U.S. presense, either a business or individual residing in or doing business in the U.S. (additional info required during registration.)
NOTE: We can only transfer .com, .net, .org, .cc, .info, .biz, .ca, .us and .cn domains at this time, and some of those only at nameman.net. Sorry.

What do I get for my money?
  • a domain name or web address that belongs to you
       - for as long as you pay the annual fee
       - provided you don't take someone else's trade name (cocacola, cpr, ibm)
  • an "under construction" page if your web site isn't ready
  • the ability to redirect your URL wherever you want
       - park your domain on your free site
       - provide the name/address of your hosting company's nameserver.
  • a DNS manager to create subdomains of your domain (sub.me.com)
  • e-mail forwarding
    all features now available for .ca domains, but only through our nameman subsidiary
Suppose I need higher-end features to manage a domain portfolio?

Arjay Web also offers a premium name service, nameman with additional features, including:

  • an account to manage all your sites
  • name-my-map
  • name-my-phone
  • a simple website builder
  • the opportunity to purchase wholesale

The choice (nameman or WebNameSource) is yours! (no pressure either way; whatever suits you.)

In addition, our web hosting partner WebNameHost offers professional Linux-based hosting using the latest cPanel control panel technology.

There's no catch
  • WebNameSource and nameman buy registrations wholesale.
  • WebNameSource and nameman offer domain names for low, low prices.
  • When our cost goes down, we pass on the savings to you.
  • When new features become available, we make them available for the least possible additional cost (thus, nameman's premium service for only $2 more.).
  • Register for up to ten years (the maximum) for the same yearly price.
  1. Use the search facilities to find an available domain name.
  2. Register your domain name and pay the fees.
       - Your credit card info is safe on secure payment sites.
       - Be sure to provide a valid and working email address.
       - Be sure to record your account password for later use.
  3. Enter your management account and direct the name to your site, using
       - URL redirection to a site already having a name,
       - OR by entering nameserver info your web host provided.
  4. It may take 24-72 hours for the redirection to take effect on the web.
  5. You will be notified at the email address you provided when it's time to renew (change this address on the domain if you need to).

A transfer always requires renewing a domain for another year; the extra time is added onto your old expiry date at the new low price.

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